About ICSC Foundation

Who We Are

The ICSC Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the International Council of Shopping Centers. We are a separate 501(c)(3) public charity whose mission is to strengthen the global retail real estate industry by supporting students, professionals and the philanthropic work of shopping centers.

The Mission

  • Promote altruistic community outreach
    By rewarding and showcasing initiatives that meet community needs
  • Provide educational opportunities
    To attract and nurture talent to our industry
  • Embrace philanthropy
    By encouraging our industry to give back

Why We Matter

Given changes in the current economy and the rapidly-evolving face of the shopping center industry, it is more important than ever to support the development of highly skilled and capable future leaders.

Our industry plays an integral role in communities around the world. We need to help shopping centers fulfill their social responsibility by giving back to their communities and encourage philanthropy.

What We Do

Scholarships and Awards

ICSC Foundation's scholarships provide monetary support and equally important, industry recognition to outstanding undergraduate, graduate students and up-and-coming professionals.

These awards

  • promote the industry as an exciting professional opportunity
  • help the most qualified individuals be recognized during their job search
  • create a database of outstanding, preselected job candidates

Since 2007, the ICSC Foundation has presented scholarships to nearly 470 individuals. That represents $1.4 million investment in education to help strengthen the retail real estate industry.

Check out all our professional education scholarship, academic scholarship, educational awards and diversity scholarships/awards.

Community Outreach

The ICSC Foundation promotes community engagement by rewarding and showcasing industry initiatives that best meet their community's needs.

Since 2007, Community Support Awards have been given to over 55 unique shopping centers in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & North Africa, recognizing a variety of corporate social responsibility and community outreach efforts.

Check out the Community Support Award competitions and the #MindfulMalls campaign.