Shopping Centers Today June 2015

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Tourism superpower

Landlords and retailers around the world are innovating to get their share of the lucrative Chinese tourist trade.

— SCT June 2015
Signs of progress — SCT June 2015
India’s retail palaces — SCT June 2015
California in hot water — SCT June 2015

The Common Area


More online retailers say they plan to explore the brick-and-mortar channel this year, according to a survey of 1,000 respondents conducted by eBay.

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News Makers


Mall developer A. Alfred Taubman owned the vision, but he always shared the rewards.

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Retailing Today


Innovation is on the menu at McDonald's as the fast-food chain attempts to regain market share.

— SCT June 2015
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The Bottom Line


Developers are finding profits in adding grocery stores to existing power centers. 

— SCT June 2015
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Center Stage


How Berlin's Europa-Center helped win the Cold War.

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On the Ground


Montréal, once home to many of Canada’s clothing manufacturers and fashion houses, is now dealing with empty-rack syndrome — a retail market’s version of what empty-nesters experience.

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