Shopping Centers Today December 2015

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A world of projects: The global need for new retail and entertainment is keeping the pipeline full

The global appetite for new retail and entertainment is keeping the pipeline full and developers busy.

— SCT December 2015
A world of projects: Triple Five is turning ‘American Dream’ into a reality for the Northeast U.S. — SCT December 2015
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A world of projects: China regroups as Southeast Asia booms — SCT December 2015
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The Common Area


Yet another e-tailer has acknowledged the importance of physical stores — and not just any e-tailer either. This is, which opened its first bookstore, at Seattle’s University Village shopping center.

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News Makers


Property Capsule CEO Alex Markson’s technology is transforming the commercial brokerage business.

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Retailing Today


 Lowe’s seems to be betting that a scaled-down version of the traditionally massive home-improvement format it recently introduced in New York City will meet the special needs of the urban dweller. 

— SCT December 2015
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The Bottom Line


Retail property prices are hitting a plateau, but this portends no imminent industry downturn, according to experts at ICSC’s NOI + Asset Management Conference, in Dallas.

— SCT December 2015
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Center Stage


Portland’s 55-year-old Lloyd Center is getting its glamor back thanks to a renovation and expansion.

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On the Ground


A downtown renaissance creates one of the most-sought-after retail districts in New England, featuring an eclectic mix of quirky boutiques and well-known brands, such as Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. 

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